Paranormal Studies

Thrillers & Supernatural Suspense

L. Sydney first developed a love of reading during her childhood years.  She spent many weekends and summer vacations at the local library where she would often sit on the floor of the children's section and thumb through dozens of books trying to decide which ones she wanted to take home.  This love affair with reading and her insatiable desire for knowledge launched a curiosity into the supernatural and unexplained world of discovery that ultimately spawned the birth of L. Sydney Fisher, the writer.  She wrote her first novella by the age of fifteen.  Her creative pursuits continued in high school where she was active in Theatre and Dance and awarded the Best Lead Actress Award during her senior year.  She first entered college as a Theatre/Journalism major but later changed her course of study. At the age of eighteen, Sydney was stricken with a chronic illness and life circumstances that forced her to change her pursuit of the stage, but her love of writing never faded.  

Her family's roots are deep in Northeast Mississippi, but she also spent time as a child in Missouri and Tennessee. She was born to Landon and Nettie Jean in Memphis, Tennessee where her father was an accountant and her mother was a registered nurse.  At the age of four, she moved from the Missouri boothills to North Mississippi after her parents separated.  Years later, she earned a Bachelor of English from The University of Mississippi and a Master's in Higher/Adult Education from The University of Missouri.  

L. Sydney has been inspired by the writings of famous authors Stephen King, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Ann Rule, Mary Higgins Clark, and Agatha Christie.  Sydney's true hauntings and paranormal books will always contain some element of truth, so be observant.  She is fascinated with the paranormal and has done extensive paranormal research for over twenty years.  She calls herself a "Literary Indiana Jones". 

Sydney lives on a HAUNTED landscape with the spirit of a white wolf and at least one ghost that shares what was once a Native American village in Northeast, Mississippi. When she isn’t writing, she’s researching supernatural mysteries or another haunted location and its history.  She is the proud mom of two children and a Golden Retriever mix named Willie Wonka who has no idea that he is really a dog.


Winner, Memoirs, Journal Publishing, 2001

Finalist, Writer's Digest, 2001

Finalist, Silver Falchion Award, 2016

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