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Cozy up with a TRUE ghost story!

Mississippi's Haunted History...
The Devil's Furnace: Tupelo (Birthplace of Elvis Presley), VOLUME I
The Wilderness: Pontotoc & Fulton, VOLUME II
Possum Town: Columbus, VOLUME III

On The Haunted Trail…VOLUME IV coming FALL, 2019

Have you heard about the paranormal investigation at The Lincoln Home?

VOLUME III~Get the story of the overnight investigation conducted here and find out why Sydney considers this to be some of her most convincing research yet.

Visit some of the most haunted sites of the South in this haunted history series.

Help Sydney solve the mystery of Friendship Cemetery's ghost soldier!

VOLUME IV of The Haunted Series is Coming this FALL, 2019!

PARA is an investigative team dedicated to proving the existence of the afterlife. While most of our investigations deal with ghosts and otherworldly spirits, we also investigate anomalies and unexplained mysteries that may include unsolved murders. The group was founded by bestselling author, L. Sydney Fisher who also hosts the show. PARA includes some of the best paranormal researchers in the field with over twenty years of investigative experience. Join us as we bring you The Para Files.

Join L. Sydney Fisher, Host & Author as she investigates some of the most haunted sites in the South with PARA, Paranormal & Anomaly Research Alliance.

Paranormal & Anomaly Research Alliance (PARA) is L. Sydney Fisher, Lisa Kyle, Dena Hall, and Sandy Buford. The team consists of three clairvoyants, two videographers, and additional investigators who provide team support through the collection of evidence and analysis.

Paranormal & Anomaly Research alliance (para) IN THEIR OWN WORDS…

L. Sydney Fisher is the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and founder of PARA. She is a clairvoyant/medium with over 25 years experience in paranormal research.

Lisa Weathers Kyle is passionista of all things paranormal, coffee connoisseur; clairvoyant since birth; paranormal investigator for 30 years. Her most memorable paranormal experience was being slapped across the face so hard that it left handprints by an unseen entity during an investigation in the basement of an abandoned church.

Dena Thompson Hall is an empath who has dedicated more than twenty years to paranormal research. She brings her expertise in videography to PARA and The Para Files.

As a videographer for The Para Files, Sandy Buford brings more than a decade of experience to PARA as a paranormal investigator. She resides in Holly Springs, one of Mississippi’s most haunted cities.

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